Keep tabs on your inbox - without leaving Cherwell.

Monitor your email activities within Cherwell and eliminate the need for access to the Email and Event Monitoring service log file. It's particularly useful for SaaS users without direct access to the server or its logs.

How it works:

  • It functions by tracking the Journal – Mail History records created when the Email and Event Monitor service receives an incoming email.
  • If the email monitor definition is configured to record a Journal for incoming emails, even if an Email and Event Monitor action fails with an error, the Journal record is still created.
  • Journal – Mail History records allow you to view the full email (from the Trebuchet Mail table) when viewed from a Form Arrangement.
  • When doing so, the end-user has access to an ‘Executed Actions’ dialog that will provide a list of Email and Event Monitoring actions performed on the email, including any relevant error messages.
  • As a result, our mApp provides a lookup table object, named ‘B20 Mail History Tracking’, allowing the user to find the Journal records created for failed inbound emails.


  • To use this object, simply create one record in this lookup table, then save and refresh the record.
  • Voila! Any emails sent or received (which also created Journal records) will appear in the form arrangement tabs, where you can view any error messages associated with the message.
  • BONUS: If you'd like a little guidance on installation and troubleshooting your new mApp, have a look at our handy tutorial video.